Quality Assurance & Safety Officer

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Quality Assurance & Safety Officer

In order to achieve our goal of bringing cultured meat to market we need a controllable production system. The Quality Assurance & Safety Officer will play a vital role in developing a production system that is safe and reliable, with a view to achieving regulatory approval for cultured meat.


What you can achieve 

  • Create a safe, reliable and controllable production system for meat.
  • Co-lead the process(es) for regulatory application (Novel Food Procedure).
  • Write, implement and control quality procedures necessary for reaching the company’s goals and/or for future operational activities.
  • Lead the process of applying for, and complying with, the relevant quality standards in food and laboratory practices.
  • Be actively involved with process design from a quality perspective.
  • Bring a food-related perspective / awareness of quality assurance to the company. 

Your responsibilities 

  • Develop, manage and implement the QA handbook and QC process.
  • Work with the process development team to establish procedures and standards.
  • Specify quality requirements of raw materials and end products and implement incoming and outgoing goods inspection where needed.
  • Actively contribute to the process design team for (food) safe equipment and make the company audit-robust.
  • Set up food safety rules and NF application.
  • Act as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality.
  • Communicate externally about quality aspects.
  • Set up safety rules (lab, process design)

What we ask

  • Master's level degree or above
  • Senior experience in QA positions in food and / or pharma
  • Audit experience (as a first spokesperson)
  • Some level of hygienic design practice skills 
  • (Basic) biotech or meat technology knowledge is a plus
  • Novel Food knowledge or experience is helpful (not a must)
  • Good numerical skills, understanding of statistics

What you can expect from us

The Mosa Meat team is full of ambitious, international scientists and engineers.  We have a shared mission of bringing cultured meat to the market.

As a member of the team, you will: 

  • Work in a small start-up with an incredibly exciting mission
  • Enjoy an enterprising and collaborative environment with a high degree of freedom in your projects 
  • Combine science with a commercial goal 
  • Work in the beautiful historical city of Maastricht
  • Be entitled to 25 days of paid leave per year 
  • In addition to your normal remuneration, receive Mosa Meat shares

    If you're interested in this role, please apply below and we'll be in touch with you soon. 


You will be in the Large Scale Cell Production team, working with...

Sophie Hubalek

Analyst | Large-Scale Cell Production

"I find the work inherently motivating because I'm contributing to a project I believe will have a huge positive impact on how we eat, and the environment".

Naya Moutsatsou

Team Leader | Large-Scale Cell Production

"I am passionate about animal welfare, and find enormous drive in the mission to supply delicious meat, while the animal is still healthy and enjoying its life".

Vincent Bodiou

Junior Scientist | Large-Scale Cell Production

"Large Scale is a really nice and exciting team, and we're looking forward to welcoming new members!"