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We are working on a challenging and incredibly exciting mission: to bring cultures meat to market. Bioprocess development is central to this process.

We are looking for a scientist to join our bioprocess development team. This role is crucial for improving bioprocess efficiency and productivity by optimising cell culture media and feeding strategies. Proficiency in applying bioreactors, cell culture techniques, and optimising media and feed strategy, coupled with the ability to plan and execute experiments, are essential requirements for this position.

Full-time · Maastricht

What you can achieve

Be a crucial part of bringing cultured meat to market, having a massive positive impact on the world.

Collaborate with a friendly, international team of world-class scientists and engineers in a fast-paced and exciting start-up environment.

Deepen your experience and expertise in a range of different cell and tissue culturing techniques.

Do you want the same as we do?

Would you like to be a crucial part of bringing cultured meat to market, having a massive positive impact on the planet from an environmental and animal welfare perspective?

Do you love to collaborate with an intrinsically driven, international team of world-class scientists and engineers in a fast-paced and exciting start-up environment?

Are you ready to transform bioprocess efficiency? Join us to optimise media and feeding strategies, applying your expertise in bioreactors and cell culture techniques.

Your key responsibilities

Optimising media feeding strategy: Test and improve cell culture media formulations and feed strategies tailored to specific bioprocess requirements, including cell growth and productivity for batch, fed-batch and perfusion culture processes. Use knowledge of cell metabolism, nutrients requirements, and process parameters to design feed strategies that enhance bioprocess efficiency. Validate media formulation and feed strategy at laboratory-scale benchtop bioreactors to ensure robustness and reproducibility.

Experimental design and execution: Design, plan, and execute experiments to assess and improve the media and feeds used in bioprocessing while collecting and analysing data to derive meaningful insights and guide decision-making.

Collaboration and communication: Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams, including media development, cell biology. and scientific computing teams, to interpret media development efforts into overall process optimisation strategies. Communicate findings and progress effectively through written reports, presentations, and team meetings.

Our ideal future team member

PhD or Master’s degree in bioprocess engineering, biochemistry, biotechnology, or related field with relevant experience in bioprocess media development.

Hands-on experience with mammalian cell culture techniques (nice-to-have), high-throughput and benchtop bioreactor systems (required), media formulation, and optimisation methodologies (required).

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to interpret complex data sets and draw meaningful conclusions.

Excellent communication skills, with ability to collaborate effectively in a multidisciplinary environment.

Willingness to work during the weekend.

Previous experience with suspension culture is required.

This position requires 3-5 years of relevant work experience, and background in the pharmaceutical or biotechnology industry is advantageous.

What we have for you!

We are a small team working on an innovation that we believe will have a huge global impact. As part of this exciting project, we promise that you will get to:

  • Enjoy an enterprising work culture with lots of freedom in your projects.

  • Combine science with a commercial goal.

  • Enjoy 25 days of paid leave per year.

  • Have access to fundamental trainings and be part of our continuous learning culture.

  • Work in the beautiful, historical city of Maastricht.

  • Enjoy flexible working hours.

  • As part of competitive remuneration, receive a bonus plan similar to stock options called Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs).

We really look forward to hearing about you. Please submit an application before June 21th and we will be in touch with you shortly following this date. 

If you have any questions please reach out to Senior Scientist and team manager, Niusha Nikravesh at

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